This is the third and currently final book in K.F. Breen’s Fire and Ice Trilogy. It is written in first person from Reagan Somerset’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers regarding the first two books in this series! Ye be warned!

So Reagan is trying to get a handle on her magic. She has had fire magic for as long as she can remember, but now there is this icy magic she is dealing with. She wants to learn to control it, however it erases her humanity when she sets it free. Yay for the vampire “boyfriend” (Darius) being willing to do just about anything to help her, even take a beating.

So while Reagan is trying to figure that out, she learns that the demon she thought she killed (who has secret information about Reagan’s demonic parentage) didn’t actually die and may be revealing her secret. Good new is demons hold knowledge close to their chest and probably want to catch her first. Bad new that they know and in theory can spill the beans at any time. So Reagan needs to do some damage control.

I admit, this was my least favorite of the series. At one point (SPOILER ALERT!) Reagan and Darius are traveling through the Underworld. I just felt it kept getting rather more ridiculous, and boring, and I probably would have stopped reading if I wasn’t invested in the series. The good news is that the book ends strong.

On the romance front, Reagan and Darius do spend a lot of time together, however not great relationship building. There was a lot of moving the plot forward with this book, and I feel like the character development got pushed aside somewhat. It also wasn’t as fun to read as the first two books. So still a solid read, and a good conclusion (though a certain confrontation I was hoping for did not happen), but didn’t meet my expectations to be blunt.

Looking to the future. Sounds like a certain character that has first been alluded to in this book will be part of a new trilogy that I’m hoping involves Penny. Time will tell. Also sounds like maybe more Reagan books in the future, but not right now.


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