Fused by Fire by K.F. Breene

This is the third and currently final book in K.F. Breen’s Fire and Ice Trilogy. It is written in first person from Reagan Somerset’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers regarding the first two books in this series! Ye be warned!

So Reagan is trying to get a handle on her magic. She has had fire magic for as long as she can remember, but now there is this icy magic she is dealing with. She wants to learn to control it, however it erases her humanity when she sets it free. Yay for the vampire “boyfriend” (Darius) being willing to do just about anything to help her, even take a beating.

So while Reagan is trying to figure that out, she learns that the demon she thought she killed (who has secret information about Reagan’s demonic parentage) didn’t actually die and may be revealing her secret. Good new is demons hold knowledge close to their chest and probably want to catch her first. Bad new that they know and in theory can spill the beans at any time. So Reagan needs to do some damage control.

I admit, this was my least favorite of the series. At one point (SPOILER ALERT!) Reagan and Darius are traveling through the Underworld. I just felt it kept getting rather more ridiculous, and boring, and I probably would have stopped reading if I wasn’t invested in the series. The good news is that the book ends strong.

On the romance front, Reagan and Darius do spend a lot of time together, however not great relationship building. There was a lot of moving the plot forward with this book, and I feel like the character development got pushed aside somewhat. It also wasn’t as fun to read as the first two books. So still a solid read, and a good conclusion (though a certain confrontation I was hoping for did not happen), but didn’t meet my expectations to be blunt.

Looking to the future. Sounds like a certain character that has first been alluded to in this book will be part of a new trilogy that I’m hoping involves Penny. Time will tell. Also sounds like maybe more Reagan books in the future, but not right now.


Pretty Face by Lucy Parker

This is the second book in Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series. It is written in third person from Lily Lamprey’s and Luc Savages’ POVs.

Lily was born looking like a bombshell. She has big boobs, blonde hair, and a voice made for seduction. She naturally fit a TV role as a homewrecker seducing everyone. Too bad she doesn’t want to be a stereotype. She wants to be a real stage actress and can finally see an opportunity. She just needs to prove to Luc Savage that she can do it.

Luc Savage is a middle-age man who recently had an eight year relationship come to an end due to the fact that he’s a workaholic. The stage comes first. He’s in the process of renovating a London theater and the opening show will be vital to the success of it. Is it really a good idea to case a lead role to a TV bimbo with questionable intelligence and no experience?

From the outside, any relationship between Luc and Lily is a tabloid catastrophe. Lily is sleeping her way onto the stage, Luc is experiencing a mid-life crisis. Nothing good will come of either of their reputations. However, the chemistry is there. How can it be denied?

Another excellent book from Lucy Parker. Sadly, there isn’t another one out yet, otherwise I’d be reading that and not writing this. I love that her characters and story lines are so realistic. I love me some paranormal romances, but it’s nice to get back to the real (though fictional) world. There are legitimate, valid reasons why Luc and Lily should not get into a relationship. But that being said, would they regret not ever trying?

Absolutely beautiful story.

Act Like It by Lucy Parker

This is the first book of Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities Series. It is written in third person from Elaine “Lainie” Graham’s and Richard Troy’s POVs. I found out about her via a Nalini Singh newsletter and quite enjoyed it.

So Lainie and Troy are both in a play in London. Lainie is a bit of a sweetheart with the paparazzi. She does charity work and is a very nice person to meet. One blip to her reputation is she dated someone also in the show who ended up cheating on her, and now she has to work with him every day. Awkward. Richard on the other hand is a bastard. He doesn’t like people and has no patience for the tabloids. He’s an actor because he is committed to the art, not because he wants to be famous or attention.

Troy has been so bad out in public lately (throwing plates at chefs, cursing at people, etc) that the public relations team of the play need to do something fast before he hurts ticket sales. Their solution? Partner him up with a nice girl. If the stage sweetheart likes him, he can’t be a total bastard, right? Too bad neither Richard nor Lainie want to be a part of this farce. However, they each need something, so they’re in.

There is a certain Pride and Prejudice vibe from this book, though where Darcy seems to actually be a shy person, hence his social awkwardness, Richard is definitely not shy. He just cannot be bothered to pretend to be polite. Makes him a lot of fun! And the fact that Lainie will call him out on his BS just makes the character dynamics that much better.

I loved this story. Nothing overly heavy or complicated that you have to endure. It’s more of a realistic story of two people getting to know each other and creating a relationship. Due to the nature of their jobs, there is a lot of outside pressure that has to be faced, but in the end Richard and Lainie work together. There are highs and lows as with all relationships, but these characters feel real and are easy to connect to.

Walking in the Dark by Donna Augustine

This is the second book in Donna Augustine’s Ollie Wit series. It is written in first person from Olivia “Ollie” Wit’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the first book in the series. Read at your own risk.

Three months have passed since the first book. Asher has somehow escaped the Shadowlands. He has helped Ollie navigate the Shadowlands multiple times and now he is dependent upon her. He doesn’t know how to live in the human world. Kane wouldn’t understand, he would want to kill Asher, so Ollie leaves him and the Underground without a word. She has 10 million dollars, she can do this.

In three months Ollie is out of money. After trying to help Shadow Walkers, and dealing with Asher’s costly ways, she seeks out Kane hoping she can Shadow Walk with him again and get some money. Too bad Kane isn’t interested. She needs to seek alternate options.

Along the way she gets kidnapped by some leprechauns interrogating her for something they believe she stole. This leads to Kane coming to her to see about some Shadow Walking. Some items have gone missing, and they need Ollie to locate them. Too bad these items lead to Asher as the top suspect.

Once again, another great book. There are some solid surprises in here that you don’t see coming. Ollie and Kane coming back together for a working relationship strike off some sparks, but it is fantastic to watch unfold.

My one issue with this book is that Ollie seems to take a step back with her strength from the first book. Maybe it has to do with now wanting to live, but being terrified of the emotions that brings. She’s still awesome to experience, but there are some times where you want to go, “where’s your courage, girl?” But I still loved it. This book also had one of the best endings I’ve ever experienced. Made me keep coming back just to read it.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next in the series.

A Step into the Dark by Donna Augustine

This is the first book in Donna Augustine’s Ollie Wit series. It is written in first person from Olivia “Ollie” Wit’s POV.

Olivia wishes that the world would just end. She will not commit suicide because she made a promise, but after she loses everything, why would she want to get up in the morning? It also doesn’t help that she sees shadow monsters lurking everywhere and they want to be around her for some reason. She cannot escape them.

A month after a catastrophe, some shady characters take an interest in Ollie and want to bring her to someone. She wants nothing to do with it until she founds out this person may have some answers as to why she is so different. At that point, she’s willing to listen.

This brings Ollie into a world she never knew existed. It brings her into a world where people think she is a “paper doll” and will soon deteriorate into nothing. But it is also a world with answers and some people that could help her experience a normal life for the first time ever.

In the romance area of this series, we meet Kane. Kane is the head honcho of this new world and has a job he needs Ollie to help him with. In return, he’ll help Ollie with her monsters. Kane has an ego that’s through the roof, and he’s very cold emotionally, but he has answers, and right now, Ollie needs them.

I loved this book. There’s great chemistry between Ollie and Kane, and the rest of the cast are a lot of fun to experience. You get some good laughs along the way. It’s not an overly dark book which I like, and Ollie has a strong will. Her lack of caring if she lives makes her willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. You’ve got to respect her even if she is rough around the edges. Definitely a great book.

Make Me Yours by Tiffany Roberts

This is the third book in Tiffany Roberts’s Isle of the Forgotten Series. It is written in third person the Gaelin (an angel) and Mayra’s (a demon) POV primarily, with some from Isobel Hargaves’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There may be some spoilers regarding the prior books in this series.

Mayra and her twin brother Marcus have just been exiled to the Isle of the Forgotten, a prison island with no escape. Gaelin has been on the island for a couple hundred years waiting. He started as a prison, but was recently freed, so he could escape. He knows that his mate will arrive sometime. Well, the time is now, and that person is Mayra.

Gaelin has fought demons for thousands of years. The fact that he is now mated to a demon he finds to be one of the cruelest of ironies. He now has to debate with himself whether or not he even wants to claim her.

In the mean time, Mayra and Marcus are slaves to a Necromancer, Nahir, who will stop at nothing to get them back. They get to experience their first chance at freedom since they were children, even if they are on a prison island. Nahir cannot control. But they know he’s coming for them. First Gaelin popping into their lives, then the threat of Nahir makes the¬†twins time very chaotic and full of fear.

First of all, the cover for this book is fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous!

In other news, I found this book somewhat disappointing. The emotions where there, however there were a lot of parts where I was just like, that was stupid. The relationship forming between Gaelin and Mayra is pretty good. Some parts I feel like Mayra deserved better, but it was ok. Some of the decisions made regarding their actions through the course of the book were dumb to me. Maybe it was just to get the plot to go where it needed to go, but I didn’t care for it. So I honestly have some very mixed feeling about this book.

White Hot by Ilona Andrews

This is the second book in Ilona Andrews’s Hidden Legacy series. It is written in first person from Nevada Baylor’s POV.

First I just want to say FINALLY!!! I have waited over a year for this book to come out, and I was not disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the first book in the series.

So after Nevada and Mad Rogan finish up with Adam Pierce, they go their separate ways. This doesn’t mean that Nevada doesn’t think about him though, or that her family isn’t teasing her about him either. Two months go by with no contact.

In the mean time, Cornelius Harrison of House Harrison comes to Nevada in hopes of finding out who killed his wife. His wife’s employers are lying to him and he has no where else to turn for answers. This leads to mysteries and intrigues, and Mad Rogan!

I loved this book! We learn more about the Baylor family and Rogan. I loved that the Baylor family are there for each other. No matter what comes at them, they unite as a family and get through it. Then we have Rogan with all of his power and intensity. He’s super sexy and you want to see if there could be something between him and Nevada. It’s a relationship you’re rooting for.

Outside of the relationship world, we also learn a lot more on how the major magic houses work. The world that is created here is fascinating.

Five stars for this book, easily. I hate that it had to end, and now I need to wait until July to get the next book. Oh well. It’s coming!

Sterling by Dannika Dark

This is the first book in Dannika Dark’s Mageri series. It is written primarily in first person from Zoe Winter Merrick’s POV with some third person from various other characters.

Zoe is killed with flips her world upside down turning her into a new person. Along the way she meets Adam and Justus.

SPOILER ALERT: Regarding future of this series.

To be blunt, I couldn’t finish this book, and I don’t believe I will. I like a series that starts with a clear couple that slowly grows together, or just jumps right in. This series doesn’t do that. First you meet Adam who is very protective of Zoe. There is a spark there. But then Justus shows up. He knows what Zoe is becoming, whereas Adam is just a lowly human. However, she doesn’t end up with either of them. There is another guy that shows up in the second book in the series she seems to end up with.

I hate books that seem to play with other people’s emotions. I know that they aren’t real people, but the whole point of reading is you start to feel for these characters. I just felt like I didn’t know who to root for in the end, and I don’t like that. I like a clear couple. This just didn’t work for me.

Ravenheart by Dannika Dark

This is Dannika Dark’s second book in her Crossbreed series. It is about 90% written in first person from Raven Black’s POV with some third person from a few other character’s POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the first book in this series.

This is a great follow up with Keystone. Raven is now a part of a pretty interesting group called Keystone. You have Viktor Kazan who is a Russian Shifter who put the team together. There is Blue, a Native Shifter who carries around an ax. Gem Laroux is a Mage with a bright personality. Claude Valentine is a Chitah who loves hair and taking care of women. Wyatt Blessing is the Gravewalking computer nerd. Niko is blind but deadly with a katana. Shepherd Moon is a sensor who looks like a murderer. And last but not least, Christian Poe who’s a Vampire with an attitude and Raven’s partner.

Keystone is called in to investigate some murders that have been taking place. It’s possible there are about 50 related deaths, though nothing conclusive. They are women who appear to have been killed by a Vampire. The higher authority has placed Detective Glass in charge of the case, who finds Raven pretty interesting.

In the romance world: Christian took the memory of his and Raven’s kiss at her request so that they can work together. Doesn’t stop some interested chemistry going on there. Also Detective Glass is interested in dating Raven, and she isn’t totally opposed.

This book was great, I might even have liked it better than the first one. I’m a sucker for romance, and though there isn’t anything going hot and heavy, I appreciate a steady build up, and that’s what I’m feeling in this series. Bummed the next book isn’t out yet, but really looking forward to it. Also there is a scene that about had me bawling. I managed to keep it in, but there was a real emotional connection it made. It’s was beautiful. Five stars!!!

Keystone by Dannika Dark

This is the first book in Dannika Dark’s Crossbreed series. Is is written primarily in first person from Raven Black’s POV with a little bit of third person from a couple other POVs.

Raven Black is a crossbreed that shouldn’t exist. She is both Mage and Vampire, though those magics should not be able to combine like they do in her. She also lives in a world that knows nothing of magic. As an individual who might be killed if the higher ups found out about her, and also as someone dead in the human world, she is unable to get a stable job. In the end, she is living on the streets. This doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t have a purpose.

Raven kills Mages and Vampires that prey on humans. She doesn’t get paid in any way for her troubles, but it is important to her to protect the humans. All immortals were once human, therefore the immortals should show them some respect.

Due to Raven’s activities, a group known as Keystone approaches her with a job offer that appeals to her greatly, if only so she can have her own bathroom. They also offer her a chance at stability that her live has been lacking.

In the romance area of this book, there is a Vampire, Christian Poe. Raven doesn’t trust Vampires, but she has to work with Christian. This makes for a lot of tension between the two characters, and since they are a mouthy bunch, some fun moments as well.

I quite liked this book. Raven is a strong woman who has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. She isn’t a cheerful person, but life hasn’t broken her. She shakes things up in Keystone, though not in a bad way. She makes a decision toward the end of the book I don’t like, but her reasoning is sound. It’s an interesting world with a fun group of characters that keeps you wanting to read more.