Born in Fire by K.F. Breene

This is the first book in K.F. Breene’s Fire and Ice Trilogy. It is written in first person from Reagan Somerset’s POV.

Reagan is one of the best bounty hunters out there. Sometimes though it gets tricky collecting bounties without revealing any magic or info the regular humans in the world shouldn’t know about. However, working in New Orleans, she’s still tight for money. That’s what happens when one is living under the radar, even more so that most magical beings are.

Reagan’s got a secret she isn’t spilling which prevents her from having the usual documentation one needs to hold a normal job. With this secret though, she has some awesome skills and magic that help her bring in the bad guys. Usually dead. Bringing them in alive is harder.

When Reagan’s most recent mark is stolen by some vampires, she’s pissed. When the vampires then come to her afterwards with an offer she can’t refuse, she’s still pissed, but she’s willing to work with them┬áto make sure she can afford A/C in the summer.

Reagan has a mouth on her, and she doesn’t back down. She’s a lot of fun to join on her adventure. SPOILER ALERT: She hires a Lyft to help her get rid of a dead body. Ingenious! She constantly shows a surprising intelligence and wit.

On the romance side on things, there’s Darius. A prickly, straight-laced elder vampire who has to work with Reagan so solve a mystery. Too bad the vampires are not willing to trust Reagan with the whole picture, making things more difficult. But then Reagan refuses to be bound to the vampires, so more power to her.

This book was pretty awesome. It’s a lot of fun to read with a lot of fun characters you get to meet. Fun read for anyone looking for a good adventure with some vampires.

Devils and Details by Devon Monk

This is the second book in Devon Monk’s Ordinary Magic series. It is written in first person from Delaney Reed’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be some spoilers for the first book in this.

So welcome back to Ordinary, Oregon, where Police Chief Delaney Reed is dealing with a lot of rain due to a pissed off Thor, and stubborn gods who need to get their act together.

In book two we have a couple of new mysteries on our hands. For one thing, the gods powers are missing. Crow was supposed to be in charge of them, now the gods are in a bit of an uproar. Seems when Crow bent/ broke one of the rules of Ordinary, there were a few unforeseen consequences.

We also have a dead vampire. Not only is the fact that a vampire has been killed troubling, it’s also the manner in which he died. This has the leader of the vampires furious and out for blood. One person’s blood in particular.

Then on the romance side… Ryder broke up with Delaney while she was in the hospital… after one “date”. Sad fact is Delaney’s heart still cries for him. Doesn’t help that he’s mixed up with some suspicious characters. Can he be trusted?

I overall still enjoyed this book. SPOILER ALERT: Delaney is too forgiving of Ryder, in my opinion. He breaks up with her while she’s in the hospital, and doesn’t even have a good reason for it. There should have been some SERIOUS groveling going on. However he just apologizes a few times, and that’s it. I’m still pissed off on Delaney’s behalf. The story however keeps you interested. There’s a lot going on and you just want to see what happens next.

It’s well written and a good follow up for the first book.

Death and Relaxation by Devon Monk

This is the first book in Devon Monk’s Ordinary Magic series. It is written in first person from Delaney Reed’s POV.

Delaney Reed is the Chief of Police in the small town of Ordinary, Oregon. Fun fact, Ordinary isn’t all that Ordinary. Something about it and the Reed bloodline make it a vacation hotspot for the various gods out there. Vampires are also able to walk about in the sun in Ordinary as well. Cool!

In this book, Delaney needs to figure out who is blowing up rhubarb patches before the Rhubarb Festival, and who killed a god in town.

Normally gods are immortal. When they agree to vacation in Ordinary however, they give up their powers and they become mostly mortal and can be killed. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does Delaney gets to add more to her plate.

And in the love interest portion of this series, there is Ryder Bailey. He grew up with Delaney. There was always something there, but the timing never seemed right. Well, now he’s back. Is the timing finally right?

This was a pretty enjoyable book. My only real complaint is that there are a few times when I want to go, Delaney, you’re an idiot!!! SPOILER ALERT… well, not really. She doesn’t lock her door at home. I understand you live in a small town, but when there is a murderer on the loose and you are the Chief of Police, one would think you would lock the door. But that’s just me.

On the positive side, Ordinary is pretty interesting. The gods have to have jobs while they vacation and it’s fun to see what they do. It’s also cool to have Odin and Zeus in the same city. Delaney also has two sisters that make for some fun family moments.

So I definitely recommend this book if you are into paranormal/ mythological/ investigation/ romance books.

Moonborn by Marina Finlayson

This is written in third person from Garth’s POV. This story was in a six book anthology called Moon Magic.

This is another book I’m not interested in completing, mostly because I just find Garth very annoying.

Garth is a human who’s mother married the alpha of a werewolf pack. Garth has therefore been views as a second class citizen since he doesn’t have the strength or power of a werewolf. He also has a massive crush on a werewolf named Carly who is with the beta’s son, who is also a bully named Rhys.

Garth has his step-brother change him.

I admit, I pretty much just lost interest. Seems get get a girlfriend who he can’t tell he’s a werewolf to, but still crushed on Carly. So… he’s annoying. Maybe if I kept going it would come together well, but he just loses me.

Sidenote: Apparently there is no real “series” here. This is a prequel that doesn’t mean much.

Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 1 & 2 by Tasha Black

This is one of the stories in a six book anthology free from Amazon called Moon Magic: Six Book Starter Library for Lovers of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. This particular book is written in third person from Ainsley Connor’s POV.

In the end, I’m not going to bother finishing this series. It starts out fairly promising. Ainsley finds out that she is a werewolf after a very traumatic time in her life. Makes you want to smack her parents for keeping something like that secret, especially when her dad’s the Alpha. To deal with the trauma, she runs off to New York and vows to not be a werewolf.

After her parents die, she comes back to take care of business with the plan of heading right back to New York. However, as the daughter of the Alpha, she is now… sort of the alpha of the pack, or at least her mate would be. But Ainsley want’s nothing to do with that.

On the romance front, there is a nice werewolf that she was friends with. Wanting nothing to do with werewolves, Ainsley isn’t interested in pursuing that. There is also a Russian Lit professor (Ainsley’s dad was a Russian Lit professor and Ainsley in turn loves Russian literature). He checks all of her boxes.

SPOILER ALERT: Ainsley sleeps with one of the guys without ever even going on a date. Also, she’s a tease. I don’t have any respect for her as a character, so in the end, don’t really care to finish the series. Now, for people less prudish than me, they might like this series more than I do. But I’m looking for more … well love for lack of a better work. So, it’s not for me.

The Moonfate Serial by Sylvia Frost

To this book is the publication of Sylvia Frost’s four books making up the Moonfate Serial which includes Moonbound, Huntbound, Bloodbound and Heartbound. This is written in first person from Artemis Williams’s POV.

This lacks spoilers, I believe. However can reference my Moonbound and Huntbound reviews. Since I just got the whole collection in the end, I’m opting not to do separate reviews for Bloodbound and Heartbound (especially as I have not finished the Heartbound portion.)

I freely admit, I’m probably not going to bother with finishing this series. According to my Kindle I’m 87% done with it, but I’ve lost interest in the characters and the overall story. I understand that to make a book, things have to be put together in certain ways to make the plot, much less an interesting plot. However in this series, I just feel like it gets rather far-fetched.

The love story between Artemis and Orion isn’t bad. There is some good chemistry there, and I appreciate that the characters don’t just jump at each other. They allow for some emotional growing. My issue is the number of plot holes. How do so many things happen in dreams that then effect their reality? Why Lawrence specifically gets kidnapped… feel it’s not plausible enough. The conclusions that Artemis jumps to (which are apparently right), don’t really work for me.

Toward the end, I feel like in trying to close the book, the lose end tying is very bizarre and doesn’t work for me. So it lost me, and when a book loses me, I generally don’t feel the need to invest more time into it.

I will freely admit, most people will probably like this book just fine. It just didn’t do it for me.

Shiftless by Aimee Easterling

This is the first book in Aimee Easterling’s Wolf Rampant series. It’s written in first person from Terra Wilder’s POV.

Terra has completely separated herself from her werewolf heritage. She broke away from home as a teenager to escape the constricting life her father had set out for her. She has intentionally stayed away from all werewolves and they are domineering and women are viewed as second class citizens. Women struggle with controlling their wolves due to hormones. This however wasn’t going to stop Terra.

Unfortunately, though she has washed her hands of pack life, they haven’t washed their hands of her. Terra’s father find her and tells her she needs to give him an heir. This can be her long missing sister’s son, or it can be sons that she makes for him, but it’s going to happen; and since he’s her alpha, she can’t ignore him.

So along the way Terra meets Chase and his milk brother Wolfie (yes, that’s his name, and yes, he’s a werewolf). Though hesitant at first, getting to know them Terra starts to appreciate just what they have. Too bad she doesn’t have many choices.

Wolfie’s name aside, I did enjoy this. However I admit I don’t have any driving need to read more of the series. This was a free purchase via Amazon, and I got it as part of a six book set called Moon Magic. This book didn’t wow me, but it was enjoyable.

Huntbound by Sylvia Frost

This is book two in Sylvia Frost’s Moonfate Serial. Is is written in first person from Artemis William’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some spoilers regarding the first book. Can’t be helped.

This book is VERY confusing at the start. Artemis wakes up in a strange room. Well, turns out she’s caught in Orion’s dream. There is trouble escaping it due to Artemis’s trouble accepting their bond.

In the mean time, Lawrence is missing, with a dead ex in the house. Where is he? Luckily Orion has some exceptional tracker skills he can put into action.

I liked the first book better. This one, well, Artemis makes some pretty dumb decisions I feel. When I lose respect for a character, especially a lead, I don’t always want to finish. She has some understandable motives however, so I haven’t completely written her off yet. But There are a few parts in her when I’m thinking, how does that even make sense? At one point she fires a gun without really even seeming to aim. Not sure what her goal even was.

But on the flip side I’m curious to see where this relationship between Orion and Artemis goes.

On an Amazon side-note: Apparently you can buy all four books as a set called Moonfate for $4.99. Otherwise books 2 – 4 cost $2.99 apiece. I already bought 2 and 3, so going to refund and just get the set.

Moonbound by Sylvia Frost

This is book one is Sylvia Frost’s Moonfate Serial. It is written in first person from Artemis William’s POV.

Artemis was born into a world that believed shifters were extinct. This was proven wrong when her parents were killed by shifters. After that, everyone knew they existed. There were thoughts of exterminating the shifters, but instead they started tracking them. (Think X-Men where mutants have to be registered with the government.)

Shifters are uniformly male, and there are women throughout the human population who have matemarks. The matemarks match between the mates. Artemis has one of these marks and lives in fear that her mate will find her. Those who are mated can be compelled to their shifters, basically taking all choice from them. Artemis wants nothing to do with this, just wanting to be left alone.

However, her mate is going to find her.

This was a very quick read. I would probably put it at about novella length. This was free however on Amazon. It was also free in a Moon Magic book collection on Amazon. Yay for free reading!

I mostly enjoyed this. There were a few points where Artemis makes rather weird decisions I feel for someone who is trying to avoid their mate, but I guess that’s to keep the story going. I also mostly like the male in this book, but there is a scene where I’m like… how is that ok? It doesn’t get to a point where I was just done, but I was probably getting close to that. So for free, check it out.

Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh

This is book eight in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. This book is written in third person from most Andromeda’s and Naasir’s POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be some spoilers for the books that come earlier in this series!

Naasir has grown enough to where he now wants a mate of his own. He is on a quest to find his mate, however first, his archangel, Raphael, wants him to assist a scholar with finding a sleeping archangel before the enemy, Lijuan, does. Lucky for Naasir, this scholar smells like she just might be his mate. But she took a vow of celibacy…

Andromeda fled her grandfather’s court for a chance at freedom. Her grandfather is the archangel Charisemnon, who is twisted and evil. However she has to return to his court on her next birthday in just a couple of weeks. Before she has to attend to her evil grandfather, she wants to do her best to protect the sleeping archangel Alexander. Through all of her research, she just might know where to find him. With the enigma vampire that is Naasir who seems to have a very strong animal side, hopefully they can save him.

Once again, another great book by Nalini Singh. Unrelated to the romance, there is a scene in this book that I find utterly profound and it makes me cry every time I read it. Nalini Singh is truly exceptional at bring forth emotions in her characters and therefore her readers.

Back to the romance, woot! Naasir and Andromeda have so chemistry from the beginning. However, Andromeda took a vow of celibacy for a good reason; her whole family is consumed with their need for pleasure and pain, and she wants nothing to do with that. She want to learn and study history, hence the interest in the archangel Alexander. He was a great statesman and a powerful archangel. Lijuan seems him as a threat even though he is not active in the world. She wants him gone.

Naasir is a lot of rough edges. He doesn’t think as a human. He was created in a very unique way having a strong bond with his animal side. This makes him an excellent tracker and member of Raphael’s Seven; seven men who serve Raphael loyally and are each powerful in their won right.Though Andromeda has taken a vow of celibacy, Naasir is determined to complete an impossible task so that he can have her. He code of honor and honesty ┬ámake him someone who Andromeda cannot help being drawn to.

This is one of my favorites by Nalini Singh. Read it!!!